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We aim at introducing artificial intelligence solutions to allow accurate, error-free, targeted, and result-oriented strategies.

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Welcome to SkyTNT Technologies, striving to transform the world into a modern and smart planet by merging IoT and Al-intelligence. We aim at introducing artificial intelligence solutions to allow accurate, error-free, targeted, and result-oriented strategies.

We have created the best replacement for satellites, our Advanced Zeppelin. For the development of smart cities, our zeppelin will play a crucial role. They’re lightweight, smaller in size, consume renewable energy sources, and can perform all the functions of a satellite.

Between 1 and 2 meters
Between 6 and 8 meters


1- Security
Here at SkyTNT technologies, we use artificial intelligence to equip CCTV cameras with enough information to perform better security tasks. Through machine learning, we feed loads of data into surveillance cameras. The cameras, in turn, can use this data and learn to recognize different objects like guns, missiles, and even drones.
2- Transport

By 2040 the number of vehicles on the road may even be more than 2 billion. This high number can easily paralyze or road network and traffic system. At SkyTNT, we have created Surveillance cameras using Al technology to automatically detect the number of vehicles, their speed on the road and dictate traffic signals to act accordingly.

By using Al, self-driven vehicles can improve traffic and perform tasks like delivery to prevent traffic congestion. The stored data can also help in preventing accidents by assessing the speed and velocity of the vehicles.

3- E-health

Artificial intelligence can help in diagnosis, treatment, and drug development. The machines can detect patterns of disease by assessing X-rays, CT scans, images, MRIs. The best part is the machines take only a few minutes to diagnose; hence, they reduce time and decrease costs.

Al can even in prescribing treatment plans by cross-referencing multiple patients, their symptoms, and prescriptions. Moreover, e-health can also help to speed up the drug development process.

4- Mapping
Artificial intelligence can also be used to enrich digital maps with important data. Through satellite images, machine navigation can be improved greatly. By using satellite images, digital maps will know road intersections, lane merging, and other road attributes. Artificial intelligence can help in improved, better, and accurate mapping.
5- Forecasting
Another important application of AL is weather forecasting. It helps prepare in advance for natural disasters by accurately predicting when they’ll happen, their intensity, how much area will supposedly get affected, etc. It can also keep track of severe weather like tornadoes, drought, monsoon. Al Forecastingcan helps to prepare beforehand to deal with these weather conditions.
6- Marketing

Artificial intelligence will no doubt transform traditional marketing strategies. Al marketing uses machine learning to make automated decisions by collecting data over time. Al can help in speeding up the marketing process by sending targeted and highly tailored messages to customers.

Al can also keep track of the number of cars or clients entering the market and how much they buy. Using Al, we can make better financial and marketing decisions to progress our business.


SkyTNT Technologie Token is a crypto currency token that uses the Binance Smart Chain Block chain. It’s one of the safest and most reliable crypto currency platforms in the market. These tokens are created to power SkyTNT technologies. Get in touch with us to know more about SkyTNT tokens.

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Our Strategic Planning
“The blueprint for our future goals and milestones.”
July 2022

Milestone after the Completion One Year

After we complete one year, we have set the goal of launching out SkyTNT’s first cityllite. This step will hopefully become a base for our future goals and objectives. With the pace our team is working at, there’s no doubt that SkyTNT Technologies will quickly get this milestone done.
July 2022
January 2023

Milestone by the End of 18 Months

Our team at SkyTNT technology is aiming to initiate our crypto currency trade officially. We aim at selling Sky TNT tokens worldwide. Our team has already started working towards achieving this goal, and we are pretty positive after the end of 18 months, Sky TNT will be starting to sell both SkyTNT token and Cityllite.
January 2023
May 2023

Milestone Set By The End of 22 Months

The milestone we aim at achieving after 22 months is to be able to sell SkyTNT miner. We hope to become a reliable and trusted name in the field of crypto currency and will undoubtedly get there.
May 2023

Messaoudi Mohamed Dhiaeddine

Founder & CEO
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